Self-portrait on Rives BFK in charcoal ≈1999.



Note the brown stains around the edges. I think those are rat or mouse pee stains. That’s what happens when you have to store your drawings in an attic for too many years. Or, I guess, what would happen if you fed your pet mice and rats lots of booze and then gave them a little dancing party on your drawing.
My point is, rat piss, really universe?
I chose this self-portrait to post because of how non-creepy I look.

Suzanne Mancini, Profil Perdu. And thank you.

I mentioned earlier in the blog that Suzanne was willing to model for me when we didn’t know what would happen. I hadn’t drawn whole single portraits for some time. Some years of time. But she was willing to give it a try, and I can’t remember which was the first drawing, nor do I know if I have a picture of it, but I guess it went okay, because we tried again.
And because she was generous with her time and self I made some work that made me comfortable to offer to draw other friends, who were also brave enough to try an experience of being drawn, which is kind of a rare one. Being drawn. I was about to write, ‘these days,’ but then I reckon that being drawn has always been a rare experience, though relative to what, I’m not quite sure.
I mention Suzanne’s help and contribution to thank her again, thank you Suzanne, but also thank you to all of my friends who have sat there and let me try and spell with color a something of themselves on a sheet of paper.
Have you sat for your artist today?
There should be bumper stickers.

Your artist. I like the idea that everyone has an artist around here someplace. Now, where did I put that thing?

p.s. something essentially the same as this was posted at Tumblr. I’m don’t know if that means or matters.