Such a brilliant observation, right? And it came to me the same way all the other thoughts do… or it claimed it did. and like they all do, it came with a trigger warning, but this time I shared.


do you ever have one of those thoughts, that’s like, so amazing, that you’re like, holy shit!
that’s so obvious and true and nobody else knows and by sharing this thought I’m about to change the universal construct we all live in?
you do?
what’s it like?
it feels good, right? 
I bet it feels good. 

Like, somehow being hugged while you’re sneezing and how cool would it be to hug that sneeze so tight I could hug the sneeze until the sneeze turned into something else like a coral reef? And by teaching my technique of sneeze hugging I could like totally save the ocean’s coral reef because otherwise my general life behavior has fucked that reef? All the reefs? The ocean.


Hooray for Nicky Beer today, an artist who if you don’t know then your soul has a loss.

Here is the direct link to the poet Nicky Beer’s site.

And if you happen to go there, the first thing you’ll see is a skull with a shark and an octopus. This is the cover to Nicky’s book, The Octopus Game, and Nicky was kind enough to inform me that the artist who created that cover is Sandra Yagi, and here is the direct link to her site , where you can find more of her art: Sandra Yagi.

Um. If you also happen to glance at my site you’ll see that recently I’ve had one character having a whole adventure with a shark and a variety of octopuses.
And I swear on a stack of sharks and octopuses that I had not seen that image on Nicky’s site, but the painting on the cover of Nicky’s book is amazing, and I recommend checking out both of these sites and the artist’s therein.