Suzanne Mancini. Is it true you only draw self portraits?

a-brown-paper-drawing-of-suzanne-mancini-by-patrick-scott-vickers-before-she-moved-awaybrown paper drawing by patrick scott vickers ≈ 0005.031.2012

I used charcoal and Prismacolor for the white highlights. Like most of these style of portraits, and in particular of Suzanne, this drawing was a single sitting and it took a little less than forty-five minutes. Suzanne was too busy to try to duplicate a pose more than one sitting, and forty-five minutes makes for a time that doesn’t seem quite so formal.
This became the way I would do most of my drawn portraits, as being able to say to people, “Oh, you don’t have to sit still and it’ll take less than an hour.” tended to put people at ease. Maybe. I’m not sure people are ‘at ease,’ with me.

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